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9 Reasons Why We Love Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift is like a breath of fresh air that sweeps over us every day. Be it her twitter page or her songs, this musical star lives a very open life for a celebrity. There is something totally endearing about Taylor Swift that is missing in the new crop of popstars. I mean you can be fan of Rihanna; but it is fairly impossible to find reasons to love her. But there are many reasons why we love Taylor Swift.Things we love about Taylor Swift are almost uncountable. She is the closest thing to a Barbie doll you will come across. But her sweetness is neither fake nor excessive. She is a star who can live her life out in the open without raising too many controversies. Her style statement is one of the reasons why we love Taylor Swift. This girl surely knows when to wear what.

Another thing we love about Taylor Swift is the fact that she is doesn’t hide from the cameras or crave for them. She is a natural in front of the shutterbugs. Besides, she is also not mentally disturbed which is rare for any celebrity these days. That is why there is plenty to love about Taylor Swift.Here are some of the main reasons why we love Taylor Swift so much:


She Is Clean
 Taylor Swift is one of the celebrities who do not smoke, at least in public. There is no evidence of her having indulged in drugs and she usually doesn’t misbehave in parties.

She Is Good To Her Fans
 Taylor Swift loves her fans just as much as her fans love her. She throws after concert parties, specially for her fans.

She Is Always Shopping
 Taylor Swift is seen shopping in New York almost all the time. Whenever she is clicked, she has shopping bags with her.

She Has Many Girlfriends
 Taylor Swift is one of the few celebrities who spend more time with her girlfriends than her boyfriends. She is often seen having a good time with her girl gang that includes Selena Gomez.

She Is Not A Dumb Blonde
 Taylor Swift is definitely a blonde but not a dumb one. She is not vain and is creative too. It doesn’t take a second look to know that there are brains in that pretty head.

She Keeps Her Clothes On
 No, she is not a prude, but she is not sleazy either. You will usually not see Taylor dress up in extra revealing clothes. She keeps her style statement simple and decent.

She Knows How To Give It Back
 She has dished it out with her songs to some of her less deserving exes like Jake Gyllenhaal and John Mayer. Besides, she wrote a ballad for her nemesis Kayne West who insulted her on stage.

She Doesn’t Hide From The Camera or Run Behind It
 She is one of the few stars who can handle fame. She is totally natural in front of cameras. But she does not do weird things to hog the limelight like most celebrities these days.

She Has A Sensible Twitter Page
 Taylor Swift does not keep posting too many selfies but her pictures are freely available on twitter. She sometimes makes special posts about her kitten! How adorable!